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Lion Basket by Color Card

2022-10-14 Page view : 3 views

Cartoon-style color paper basket, children can use it to take delicious candy! It’s not only adorable, but also eco-friendly. This lion basket is really easy to DIY. After read the manual, even kindergarten children know how to complete this cute basket. Come and DIY it now!

Material & tools: recycled paper boxes/carton box, color card, plastic wiggle eyes, ribbons, glue guns, markers, white latex, sponge brushes, punchers, scissors.

First, open the carton, cut into rectangular shape as photo showed. Roll it up and paste it into a paper tube. Paint a layer of white, then brush it yellow, the lion’s body is ready.

Cut a square piece of color card and put a green color card on the grass. In addition, the lace scissors cut long strips from the green color card as a grass.

Cut the disc from the brown cardboard and the yellow cardboard, the yellow is slightly smaller. Cut a circle inward along the edge of the brown disc to make the bristles.

Attach the ear to the back of the yellow disc, then stick it in the middle of the brown disc, attach the active eyeball, and draw the nose and mouth.

Apply glue to the back of the brown disc and attach it to the top of the tube. Then put a tail on the back of the paper tube, draw the lion’s front leg at the bottom of the paper tube, and then paste the green grass.

Finally, make two holes in the paper tube behind the head and install the ribbon.

Finally, stick the paper tube on the grass, and the cute lion paper basket is ready.

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