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Christmas Tree Made by Glossy Paper

2022-10-14 Page view : 10 views

Like a Christmas tree, it doesn’t have to be a pine tree. The Christmas tree made with other handmade materials can be very beautiful. It has a Christmas atmosphere! Share a tutorial on making a Christmas tree with bright colored glossy paper, simple and beautiful, no matter Big friends or children can DIY!

Cut a lot of strips of the same length from the red paper and fold them back onto the double-sided tape. Be careful not to fold the crease and paste it into the lower half of the double-sided tape.

Also use a cardboard to make a core, and then paste the processed colored glossy/post paper. A circle of red, a circle of gold, repeating.

Use a golden wrapper to make a small cone and place it on top of the Christmas tree.

Finally, cut two stars from the golden post paper, paste it to the top, and tie it with a golden ribbon. The gorgeous paper Christmas tree will be ready.

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